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LTE CAT1 v7.00
Embedded Cellular Modem

The AT&T and Verizon LTE910XF v7.00 XF Footprint Socket Modem is an LTE Category 1 4G cellular modem. They utilize the Telit LE910-NA1 module as their cellular engine. The LTE910XF v7.00 units operate in LTE bands (B17), (B12), (B5), (B4) and (B2), with fallback to HSPA+ networks as needed.

Verizon Mandatory FOTA Requirements App Note

The full XF line shares the Industry Standard 20-pin connector footprint and is flexible in implementation - both into new product designs and with existing products.

LTE910XF v7.00 CAT 1 Features

  • Industry Standard 20-pin Connectors
  • PCB Mount
  • Size: 1.14" x 1.3" x 0.256"
  • Temp Range: -40°C to 85°C
  • Input Voltage: 3.5 to 5.5Vdc
  • Data Rate: LTE: 10D/5U Mbps
  • V7.00 Frequency bands (Verizon)
    • LTE Bands: B2(1900), B4(AWS1700), B13(700)
  • V7.00 Frequency bands (AT&T)
    • LTE Bands: B12/B13(700), B5(850), B4(AWS1700), B2(1900)
    • 3G Bands: B5(850), B2(1900)
  • TCP/IP stack access via AT commands
  • SMS (MO / MT)
  • Output power: Class 3
    • (0.2W, 23 dBm) @ LTE
    • (0.25W, 24 dBm) @ WCDMA
  • Variable logic level (UART/GPIO)
    • Adjustable from 1.8 - 5.0Vdc
  • SIM Card: 3FF Micro
  • Cellular, Rx Diversity & MIMO DL 2x2 available via miniature RF connector

Telit Documentation

For current Telit modules and information, visit:

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