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Connor-Winfield Corporation

Janus Remote Communications is a division of The Connor-Winfield Corporation. The Connor-Winfield Corporation is a privately held, US based electronics products manufacturer. After incorporation in 1963, Connor-Winfield focused primarily on designing and manufacturing quartz based timing circuits and oscillators for use in a wide variety of electronics applications. In the 1990's, Connor-Winfield expanded into other product areas while maintaining a continued focus on its core timing roots.

Connor-Winfield's frequency control products are used in a wide variety of applications including telecommunications, LAN and WAN products, computers, and other microprocessor and electronics equipment. We specialize in the design of custom and semi-custom frequency control products but also offer a broad line of standard oscillator products and non-crystal based oscillators.

Connor-Winfield is ISO 9001:2000 certified, WBE (Women's Business Enterprise) certified, ITAR registered and RoHS compliant. To view our certificates or for more information, please visit the Certifications section of the website.


diehl road buildingConnor-Winfield Subsidiaries

In addition to Janus Remote Communications, Connor-Winfield's subsidiaries and business units include Connor-Winfield Global Timing Solutions, NavSync and Hybrid Circuit Works.


Connor Winfield Global Timing Solutions

Connor-Winfield Global Timing Solutions encompasses two quartz crystal operations - a crystal oscillator design manufacturing group and a timing products group that specializes in designing synchronous clocks, PLL modules, special function ASICs for telecommunication and data communication applications, and GPS based timing solutions for synchronous Ethernet applications.


NavSync designs and manufactures GPS receiver products specializing in timing and custom navigation applications. NavSync GPS technology enables tracking and acquisition in areas normally outside standard GPS receiver environments. NavSync assisted GPS receivers not only track but acquire satellite signal under very harsh conditions such as indoor applications and severe urban canyons.

Hybrid Circuit Works

Hybrid Circuit Works focuses on thick film, hybrid assembly and PCB surface mount technologies as well as custom design services. Our highly automated electronic assembly facility creates a uniquely efficient high-tech manufacturing environment designed to contract our core technologies and capabilities to OEMs of thick film products. We specialize in quick turn-around on prototypes and pilot runs along with the ability to respond effectively to complex project runs.