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The Machine-to-Machine (IoT) marketplace is an intricate and complex patchwork of hardware and software providers, firmware solutions and specialty platforms, carriers and MVNO’s, representatives and consultants, distributors, value-added resellers and integrators and…well, the list goes on and on.
Janus Remote Communications has spent the last decade navigating through the seemingly endless puzzle of the wireless communications marketplace, creating relationships, learning, and continuously evolving with the technologies involved in creating world class solutions. In concert with our parent company, The Connor-Winfield Corporation, Janus has created an expansive set of modular hardware and software tools to assist customers in fulfilling their IoT application needs.

Now, Janus offers you an array of value-added services that consist of Consulting, Engineering, Manufacturing and Support groups that helps our customers navigate efficiently to their IoT Application. Choose a simple plug-in Terminus to integrate into your application or partner with Janus to design, build, market, and sell your products. Either way, we design and support all our products with our customers in mind — to be cost-effective, feature and function rich.

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Our Parent Company
Connor-Winfield Corporation has been providing state-of-the-art electronic solutions to domestic and international customers for 50 years.  Connor-Winfield focuses primarily on designing and manufacturing integrated circuits, as well as other components and devices for use in telecommunications, LAN and WAN products, computer, and other microprocessor and electronic equipment. Connor-Winfield and its’ subsidiaries specialize in designing and manufacturing custom and semi-custom products but also offers a broad line of standard electronic products.  ISO 9001:2008.