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LTE POTSwap Support Services

Sourcing your 4G Plan from Janus will save you time and money.

The support customers in activating and deploying your LTE POTSwap, Janus offers crrier voice (VoLTE) and data services.

The POTSwap is recognized by North American carriers as an IoT (Internet of Things) device. It is certified by the carriers individually, the PTCRB (a cellular regulatory agency), the FCC for part 47, and Industry Canada. However, the POTSwap is much different than standard IoT devices in that it includes voice functionality. Most IoT devices are data only. And, it differs from standard carrier mobility consumer products, such as phones and tablets, in end customer usage. Mobility customers are usually very high volume, single device users. The carriers divide IoT and mobility customers into various market-driven categories.

As you might imagine, the carriers have different sales groups for different market segments. Phone and tablet sales people service phone and tablet customers. The same holds true for IoT. Carrier IoT sales people interact with IoT (mostly industrial) customers. Each group has their particular market knowledge.

Since the POTSwap is not a mainstream product, finding carrier sales and support can be challenging. Problems arise almost immediately for customers that do not have strong sales contacts within their carrier organization. Dealing with SIM card or customer carrier account questions consumes a great deal of Janus Customer Support’s time and energies.

To circumvent the carrier issues that Janus and Janus customers have encountered over the years, we offer a full line of carrier voice plan options for customers to choose.

Some of the benefits of using Janus voice and data plans:
  • Janus voice and data plans are offered from a number of carriers for different applications.
  • Janus Plans are priced to be competitive with current carrier plans.
  • Janus will install and test SIM cards during the POTSwap production process.
  • Customers will contact Janus directly with any carrier issues.
  • Janus can access top tier carrier customer support to solve issues quickly.
  • Current 3G POTSwap customers will be able to replace their devices for 4G and source carrier plans at the same time from Janus.

Customers that do not choose to use Janus voice and data plans and need customer support for problems that arise may be charged a support fee to cover Janus costs.

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