Janus “Data/Voice Services”

Introducing… Janus CellBridge Global Data and Voice Services

Whether you are deploying your Janus POTSwap just outside Akron or downtown Honolulu, or your CellBridge LTE310SMT application in Dublin or LTE400AP solution in the Central African Republic or LTE910CF based gateway in Kuwait or the Philippines, Janus has a low cost data or voice plan available to meet your project requirements.

CAT1 and CAT-M1 SIM cards available. You must use the appropriate SIM card for the hardware being deployed.

Our 40 years of designing complex telecommunications solutions and 20 years of direct IoT marketplace experience in creating unique cellular products has taught us that the most successful integrated solutions are always precisely designed and time-tested.  Each device that Janus releases is imbued with this understanding.

The problem is…without the appropriate cellular network support for your products, the best designs will fail miserably. 

To assist our customers in deploying their cellular applications for the greatest possible success, Janus now partners with cellular carriers in North America and around the world to offer unique data and voice solutions. 

Solutions include:

  • Cost-Effective Monthly Plans
  • Data Packages from 1Mb to 100Mb
  • Voice Packages from 100 Minutes per month
  • Nationwide 4G LTE coverage
  • Global 4G/2G Coverage
  • Fixed and Mobile Applications

Benefits to our Customers:

  • Low Cost Data and Voice Plans tailored to precise customer requirements
  • SIM cards Pre-installed in devices (some Janus devices allow multiple SIMs)
  • SIM IC and eSIM availability (product dependent)
  • Receive “Deployment Ready” hardware with activated SIMs
  • Customers receive consolidated IMEI/ICCID information for each modem
  • Cellular module FOTA Update Capabilities (customer initiated)
  • Janus and Carrier Services Support

Sample Data Pricing (Verizon Network)

1 - 100 Units Monthly Charge *Yearly Payment 1 Time SIM/Activation
Data Usage/Month Per Unit Per Unit Per Unit
5 Mb $4.00 $45.60 $3.50
10 Mb $5.00 $57.00 $3.50
25 Mb $6.00 $68.40 $3.50
50 Mb $7.00 $79.80 $3.50
100 Mb $8.00 $91.20 $3.50

*Pay yearly for service instead of monthly and save more. Customers would be required to agree to recurring annual payments.  Minimum commitment may apply.

Note: $0.10 per Mb overage charge for exceeding monthly plan data usage.