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AT&T Voice Plans for POTSwap

Janus recommends that AT&T customers use Janus voice plans with our POTSwaps to avoid any unnecessary issues with the carrier.  However, if you would like to purchase AT&T POTSwaps without Janus AT&T service plans, you can do so by completing this form:

Please send completed forms to golp@janus-rc.com.

Attention AT&T POTSwap Customers!

Please review the following critical information regarding POTSwap LTE910PS V1.00 and AT&T's 3G network Shutdown.  Action Required:


Also, link to Instructions on YouTube Video 


LTE POTSwap and Voice Services

POTS Replacement - Replace your plain old telephone service (POTS) with cellular enabled fixed or mobile implementations!

The Janus LTE POTSwap allows users to replace analog (copper) phone lines, also called POTS (plain old telephone service) or PSTN (public switched telephone network), with a cost-competitive POTSwap unit and cellular voice and data plans. The POTSwap converts your fixed location landline devices to cellular enabled fixed or mobile implementations.

POTS Replacement with a POTSwap is the easiest way to switch legacy equipment from traditional phone landlines to a 4G LTE network. The existing phone line is connected directly to POTSwap. Simply unplug the telephone jack from its wall outlet and plug it into the POTSwap’s RJ11 socket. Insert the appropriate SIM card into the back panel of the unit. 

POTSwap™ Carrier Certifications Regulatory Approvals

The POTSwap includes several cellular carrier and regulatory approvals and certifications, as stated in our Product Briefs, User Manuals, and other documentation. Ultimately, the customer is responsible for ascertaining and abiding by the Federal, State and local laws, regulations and other requirements regarding the application in which they will deploy the POTSwap


Order a LTE910PS v1.00 Standard Kit with three months of AT&T Voice Service for $375.00

Order a LTE910PS V1.00 Premium Kit with three months of AT&T Voice Service for $675.00

Order a LTE910PS v3.00 Standard Kit with three months of Verizon Voice Service for $375.00

Order a LTE910PS v3.00 Premium Kit with three months of Verizon Voice Service for $675.00

3G Carrier Service is ending in North America!

Act Now with our Special Offer: POTSwap 3G to 4G UPGRADE!

Upgrade your Current 3G HSPA910PS or EVDO910PS to a 4G LTE910PS POTSwap and save over $300 off the hardware MSRP and six months Voice Service (100 Minutes per Month). *Customers will be asked to return their current POTSwap to take advantage of this offer

Order the POTSwap LTE910PS v1.00 (AT&T) Standard Kit Upgrade

Order the POTSwap LTE910PS v1.00 (AT&T) Premium Kit Upgrade

Order the POTSwap LTE910PS v3.00 (Verizon) Standard Kit Upgrade

Order the POTSwap LTE910PS v3.00 (Verizon) Premium Kit Upgrade

Special Prepaid POTSwap Voice Service Plans!

Janus now offers 12 and 24 month prepaid plans for our customers.

Prices include Voice Services (100 minutes per month), SIM Card, and Activation.
Contact Janus for more information: 630-499-2121

It is recommended that AT&T Customers buy their SIM cards from Janus. We cannot guarantee the SIM card purchased elsewhere will work with the Janus POTSwap.

POTSwap Features

  • Aluminum Enclosure
  • Size: 6.5" x 5.2" x 1.2"
  • Temp Range: -40°C to 60°C
  • Input Voltage: 7 to 15 Vdc
  • Voice Over LTE (VoLTE)
  • Compliant with all 4G network standards with fallback to 3G networks as needed
  • ARM Cortex-M3TM processor
  • Firmware upgrade support
  • Locking SIM card socket, Micro (3FF size) SIM


Download History of Firmware Releases

Coming Soon


Coming Soon


For Tech Support and General Information
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