Janus CellBridge Global Cellular
Modem SolutionsCF Cat One

The new Janus CellBridge family of Global IoT solutions provide our customers with powerful new hardware, software and connectivity tools to quickly and easily integrate certified cellular modems into their end applications, giving them unrivaled operation, monitoring and control features and functions.

CellBridge Hardware

Janus offers customers several different CellBridge hardware platforms to meet their end application integration requirements.  All modems, terminals and gateways are PTCRB, RED and North American carrier “end device” certified for use in 4G LTE CAT-M1 and NB2 (NB-IoT) cellular communication network applications.

The CellBridge devices provide customers with cost-effective products that are easily integrated into new and existing designs. Their “end device” classification allows users to integrate any certified CellBride device into their end application with little or no further regulatory or carrier requirements globally.

Follow the links below for further CellBridge information and technical documentation:

LTE310SMT v1.00 LGA Surface Mount Embedded Modem

LTE910CF v20.00 Common Footprint (CF) Embedded Modem

LTE910XF v20.00 “X” Footprint (XF Embedded Modem

LTE910T3 v20.00 T3 Enclosed Terminal - Coming Soon

LTE910T2 v20.00 Enclosed Gateway with Cortex M4 Processing Power - Coming Soon

LTE400AP v20.00 Enclosed Edge SBC with Advanced Connectivity - Coming Soon


The Telit ME910G1-WW modules with OneEdge Technology used on Janus CellBridge products offer a software suite integrated with deployment and management tools to address the complexity expected with the exponential growth in the number of IoT devices.

  • Lightweight M2M protocol enables comprehensive device management, FOTA updates and application enablement of low-power devices with the goal of more robust and secure connections.
  • Telit simWISE™, a module-embedded SIM technology, enables reduced footprint, streamlined manufacturing and logistics, secure communications for connected devices.
  • Telit IoT AppZone can run code and applications directly inside the Telit module.
  • Telit’s Connection Manager automates operations for connection to cellular networks.
  • Location services provide the position of devices even in the absence of a GNSS connection.