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Janus is pleased to announce the release of our CellBridge line of global end device certified modems. Based on Telit’s ME910G1-WW and ME310G1-WW CAT-M1/NB2 modules, the new CAT-M1 cellular modems are available in all Janus embedded configurations: Common Footprint (LTE910CF V20.00), “X” Footprint (LTE910XF V20.00), Surface Mount (LTE310SMT V1.00).  They also will soon be available as enclosed terminal and gateways: LTE910T2 V20.00, LTE910T3 V20.00, and LTE400AP V20.00. 
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Introducing Janus Threadx Embedded Modems coming Q4 2021

Janus will be releasing new, lower cost “Threadx” 4G LTE CAT1 and CAT 4 modems for use in all IoT applications. They will be available in both our Common Footprint (CF) and “X” Footprint (XF) platforms and will be available for global users. 

  • LTE910CFX V1.00 – Threadx CAT 1 Worldwide Modem – Common Footprint
  • LTE910CFX V2.00 – Threadx CAT 4 Worldwide Modem – Common Footprint
  • LTE910XFX V1.00 – Threadx CAT 1 Worldwide Modem – “X” Footprint
  • LTE910XFX V2.00 – Threadx CAT 4 Worldwide Modem – “X” Footprint

Incorporating Telit’s LE910C1-WWX and LE910C4-WWX Worldwide Threadx CAT 1 and CAT 4 modules, the new Janus modems will be pin compatible with our current modems and will be available for use globally.