Wi-Fi Terminus NT-220LT

Ruggedized Wi-Fi Enabled GPS Module

The new rugged NT-220LT combines state-of-the-art 16 channel GPS receiver technology with 802.11 Wi-Fi transport protocol. Incorporating NavSync's ultra-sensitive navigational GPS receiver, the NT220-LT produces Wi-Fi transportation of standard, user-configurable NMEA information (longitude, latitude and UTC time). The 802.11b/g compliant Wi-Fi supports WPA2 encryption and is fully configurable to virtually any Wi-Fi network.

NT-220LT Features

  • Sensitive GPS receiver with tracking as low as -150 dBm
  • 802.11b/g compliant
  • WPA2 encryption
  • Integrated primary cell battery
  • User programmable update rates
  • Internal flash memory for saving GPS data
  • Indicators for GPS fix status and network status operation
  • Dimensions: 4.27 " x 3.36" x 1.77" (108.46mm x 85.34 mm x 44.96mm)

The NT-220LT is designed for longer battery life than the NT-110 versions.

The NT-220LT is designed to communciate GPS (NMEA) data via TCP or UDP transmission. Users are able to configure appropriate NMEA messages and message rate, along with other features.

The LT series offers continuous operation with exceptional tracking accuracy. The power management capability allows the unit to enter an ultra-low power standby mode, enabling long term operation with periodic reporting.

The NT-220LT features additional on-board flash memory to enable capture and storage of GPS location information when a Wi-Fi network is not available. The saved data is stored until another Wi-Fi network is detected and the information can be transmitted.


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