The Wi-Fi Terminus NT-110ST

Wi-Fi Enabled GPS module with Integrated GPS antenna

The NT-110ST is a third generation Wi-Fi GPS module that integrates a highly sensitive GPS receiver with an 802.11 transmitter to provide location broadcasts over Wi-Fi.

The NT-110ST can be embedded or packaged in any device needing to broadcast its location to tracking units equipped with 802.11 receivers. Using the unique capabilities of NavSync's GPS receiver, the NT-110ST can attain GPS lock and accurate position information in reduced sky view enviroments. The embedded 802.11b/g transmitter supports WPA2 encryption and is fully configurable to custom network settings. The NT-110ST incorporates an integrated GPS antenna making the unit highly portable and well suited to mobile outdoor applications.

Potential applications for the NT-110ST include asset tracking, fleet management, remote monitor sensing, and safety & security.

NT-110ST Features

  • Sensitive GPS receiver with tracking as low as -150 dBm
  • 802.11b/g compliant
  • WPA2 encryption
  • Integrated rechargeable battery
  • User programmable update rates
  • Internal flash memory
  • Indicators for battery charging status, GPS fix status and network status operation
  • Mini USB charging port
  • Integrated high gain GPS antenna


Technical Support

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Technical Support